Abdullah Zakawat


Abdullah Zakawat

Email: zakawat21@gmail.com


Mobile: +93 (0) 7900 144 32


Mr. Abdullah Zakawat is a Ph.D. scholar in Political Science at Tehran University of Iran. He has an MA in Political Science from Tehran University.

Since 2010, Mr. Zakawat has served as the Educational Board Member at Kateb University responsible to evaluate and grade students’ assignments and paper works; prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate and graduate students on different topics; teach social science courses; and select and obtain student materials and supplies.

Previously, Mr. Zakawat worked as an Assistant to the Political Science Faculty at Kateb University. He worked as a Research Leader of Deputy Educational Research with student union of Qom University. He was responsible to conduct literature reviews; collect and analyze data; prepare materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations; prepare, recruit and maintain accurate records of interviews; and maintain other research-related activities. Also, he worked as the Dean of Political Science Faculty where he was responsible for handling the academic program and its advancement as well as administration works such as coordinating/supporting all program activities (workshops, trainings and meetings) in a timely manner; making sure all arrangements are properly managed for visitors; and assessing and recommending administrative needs for staff.


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