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M. Musa jafari

Dr. Muhammad Musa Jafari   Emails:, Mobile: +93793141810 Dr. Jafari, has a PhD in International Relations - Department of Law and

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M.Akram Arifi

Phone: Email: On Campus Office: Dr. Mohammad Akram Arifi has Bachelor of Political Science from Baqerul-ulum Institute of Higher Education and a master's

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AbulFazl Fasihi

AbulFazl Fasihi Phone: 0784402236 Email: On Campus Office: Mr. Abulfazl Fasihi has a diploma in Humanities from Shaheed Al Turabi School in Mash-had.

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Abdullah Zakawat

  Abdullah Zakawat Email: Mobile: +93 (0) 7900 144 32   Mr. Abdullah Zakawat is a Ph.D. scholar in Political Science at Tehran University

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