AbulFazl Fasihi

AbulFazl Fasihi

Phone: 0784402236

Email: abolfazl_fasihi@yahoo.com

On Campus Office:

Mr. Abulfazl Fasihi has a diploma in Humanities from Shaheed Al Turabi School in Mash-had. He got his bachelor and master’s degrees in Political Science from Firdausi University in Mash-had, Iran. He has participated in different teacher training courses organized by UN entities in collaboration with some Irani Institutions in Iran. Currently, he is a PhD scholar in Political Science at the Shaheed Beheshti University, Tehran.

He has also done research and published a book titled ‘Building States’. In addition, he has written and published research essays for different magazines and news channels; such as, 8 TV News and Etilaat Roz Magazine.

He has worked as faculty member and academic board member at Khuwaja Abdullah Ansari Institute of Higher Education Herat and Ghalib University respectively. Currently, he is a faculty member at the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Kateb University.

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